The Martyr Box is a 2-stage gain device. One with a variable gain, one with a fixed gain. Each gain stage is made up of a high gain silicon transistor driving a low gain NOS Russian germanium transistor. With the first channel, you can go from a unique overdrive tone to a wild squishy fuzz. Kicking on the boost gives you a gain and volume boost that'll take you into feedback laden fuzz heaven. Equally at home on bass and guitar.

The Lip Splitter ABY. Two amps at once opens up a whole new spectrum of tones, and a whole new host of problems. Ground loops and phase discrepancies are the usually culprits for noise and thin tone when using a dual amp rig. The Lip Splitter is a mightily buffered ABY box, with ground lift, over spec’d transformer isolation, and polarity flip on the “II” channel. Big ol’ 8mm LEDs let you know which channel you’re on and which you’re switching back to when you come out of “III” or both mode.

The Ill Omen is a diode clipper overdrive featuring soft clipping and tastefully asymmetrical hard clipping with a wide range of gain settings, from clean to pretty messed up. Following that, we have Bax tone stack that allows you to go from a tight drive, to full middy distorted tones, to gnarly treble boost. The voice switch allows for 3 distinct EQ curves. Works great on bass and keys as well as guitar.

The Bene-Fuzz. I LOVE the ’78 IC Big Muff. The Bene-Fuzz is my take on the original circuit with some tweaks to make it a bit more versatile. The addition of the CONTOUR control lets you flatten out the scoop of the original tone stack, allowing a healthy amount of low mids back into your signal. Between that and the TONE control, you’ve got a huge range of tonal choices. A few other changes in the circuit let what I like best about the pedal shine through.

The Baba Yaga is an exercise in "How many transistors types and configurations does a fuzzbox really need?" No one knows, but if you ask the witch in the woods who's house tromps along on chicken legs, she'll tell you MANY. This fuzz can do velcro-y 60's style fuzz, throaty growls, and full on "My amp needs a doctor" toanz. Tons of gain, tons of bite.

Get ur garage rock tones on! A recreation of the MusicMan HD130 preamp in pedal form. Loud and clean right up until the top of the gain range (just like the amps). Great as a clean boost, equally as great into a power amp as a mean pedal platform. The amps this is modeled after are getting more and more difficult to find as folks are getting hip to how great they are. Grab this rad alternative while they're available! Circuit design and pcb layout by Electronic Audio Experiments.

The Lead 12 Pre. Remember that lil practice amp from way back when that you LOVED, then grew out of? The one that always sticks in your memory as, "actually pretty sick"? Perhaps the one that a certain hombre from Texas (one of tres) absolutely raves about? We'll it's BACK. The Marshall Lead 12 preamp in a 125B sized package. Great for low gain and VERY DRIVEN toanz. The response switch is a new addition that opens up the possibilities quite a bit.