4-Way Splitter "Cold New England Winter" Edition 4 of 5


Running 4 amps at once opens up a whole new spectrum of tones, and a whole new host of problems. Ground loops and phase discrepancies are the usually culprits for noise and thin tone when using a multi-amp rig. This 4-way splitter is a mightily buffered distribution box, with ground lift, over spec’d transformer isolation, and polarity flip on channels 2-4. Big ol’ 8mm LEDs let you know which channel you’re on. If you’re in the market for a distribution system that looks as great as it sounds, the Nerd Knuckle Effect 4-Way Splitter may be for you.

All Nerd Knuckle Effects are handmade in Boston, MA inside and out. Because of the etching process used on the cases, your pedal will look slightly different than the one in the image. All Nerd Knuckle Effects pedals are warrantied for life against manufacturer defects.


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